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Sex dating in belgrade montana

Montana has just 25 full-time family resource specialists, like Cole, assisting foster families, yet it would need to hire 158 more to meet the national standard of one worker per 15 children.The state is also short 121 workers to investigate and take care of ongoing cases, the report said.Montana’s Department of Public Health and Human Services on Friday denied discriminating against the De Serranos.The department added that it “has placed and continues to place foster children with same-sex couples.”The dispute arises at the same time that “Montana’s child protection system is in a state of crisis,” according to the governor’s Protect Montana Kids Commission report.Luis earned his doctorate in microbiology at Montana State University in May and then landed a post-doctoral position, doing research on influenza vaccines, at the University of Montana. Luis grew up in Puerto Rico, and earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez, where he happened to take a class from Waded Cruzado, who years later became MSU’s president.

The De Serranos were told that at birth, the infant tested positive for marijuana and methamphetamine.

The complaint alleges that state employees subjected the De Serranos to “humiliating and discriminatory anti-gay comments,” delayed and sabotaged their application, didn’t check their references or conduct a home study in a timely way, covered up and back-dated documents, retaliated by refusing to answer their phone calls and fast-tracked moving the baby out of their home.

It alleges Cole stated they’d be “at the bottom of my list” for foster placements.

And since state policy is to reunite families, TJ would go to her.

Yet Montana does bar discrimination based on sex, she said, and recent federal court rulings, especially the landmark 2015 U. Supreme Court ruling recognizing same-sex marriage as a constitutional right, have determined that same-sex couples are covered by laws against sex discrimination.

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Now the De Serranos have filed a complaint with the Montana Human Rights Bureau.